High-speed spiral door EFA-SST® MS.

The machine safety door for industrial applications.

The EFA- SST® MS high-speed spiral door has been specially developed for industrial applications, as stand-alone separating safety guard that fulfils all requirements for a safe and modern machine protection door. We are the only manufacturer of industrial doors to also implement our spiral technology and the flexible hinge chain for optimum performance in our machine safety doors.

EFA-SST® MS at a glance:

  • Functional safety performance level »d«
  • Maximum speed up to 2.7 m / s
  • Compact extruded aluminium laths
  • Up to 250,000 cycles per year
  • Maximum of 7 cycles per minute
  • Life cycle 12 years
  • Standard sizes of up to w=3,000 mm, h=3,000 mm


Low-maintenance counterbalance Open

The counterbalance in the EFA- SST® MS machine safety door is implemented by means of virtually maintenance-free tension spring assemblies with electromechanical function monitoring.

Innovative door control Open

The control unit which can be used worldwide operates at performance level PL “d” for safety-relevant control circuits and is operated via the higher-level system controls.

Free-standing door assembly Open

With its self-supporting basic design and the add-on floor supports, you can set up the EFA-SST® MS high-speed spiral door as a free-standing unit. Levelling and compensation of uneven ground is possible by means of screws.

Optional additions Open

Additionally selectable covers also ensure finger protection for low total heights. Of course, the EFA-SST® MS is also equipped with a transparent cover providing a clear view of the integrated safety limit switch of cat. 4 / Pl “e” according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1.

High-end safety technology Open

The EFAFLEX EFA-SST® MS machine safety door has a safety contact strip integrated into the main closing edge and an additional light barrier. If the light barrier detects a person or an obstacle within the closing level, the movement of the door leaf is stopped immediately, even before any contact takes place. This increases safety for man and machine. In addition, our Machine Protection doors can be supplemented with the head-safe option. Here, the operator’s side is equipped with a safety light grid that prevents the door from closing as soon as an obstacle is detected.

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