EFA-SCAN® laser scanner.

Pulse generator and safety system, all-in-one.

The EFA-SCAN® laser scanner scans a three-dimensional security field based on laser beams in front of the door, and detects vehicles and tracks their movement on a gapless basis with the use of intelligent direction detection. The door then opens as required.

Sophisticated software algorithms prevent the door from opening during rain, snow, fog, or extraneous light, which also makes the EFA-SCAN® suitable for outdoor installation. The innovative laser technology guarantees an incomparably secure and situation-dependent opening of your door.

EFA-SCAN® at a glance:

  • Comprehensive approach surveillance
  • Gapless capturing of vehicles
  • Reliably ignores outside traffic
  • High immunity to environmental influences (including fog)
  • Performance level C according to EN 13849-1

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