Contactless opening systems.

Contactless door activation for the maximum hygiene.

In many industries, the way in which an industrial door can be opened is also of key importance. In this respect, safety and ease-of-use come first. EFAFLEX offers you a range of contactless opening systems which are ideal for hygiene-sensitive areas such as clean rooms, hospitals, the pharmaceuticals industry, photovoltaics and battery production.


Chroma Magic Switch Open
  • Contactless opening sensor that responds to hand movements
  • Optimum suitability for hygiene-sensitive areas
Indus Magic Switch Open
  • Contactless opening sensor for industrial doors
  • The optimum solution for industrial environments
  • Hygienic and hard-wearing design
  • High degree of protection against the penetration of dust and water
Clear Wave Open
  • Hygienic contactless switch for the activation of doors
  • Detection range of 5 – 40 cm
  • Based on microwave technology
  • Flush-mounted installation

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